Frequently Asked Questions

Design should always be this fun. - MJD

Design should always be this fun. - MJD


We love working with other design professionals to create your custom space. We prefer to work with professionals we can recommend & with whom we’ve previously worked on other projects—there are so many details in design! Our recommended vendors are independent contractors who are not employees of Monica Jacobs Interiors, as Monica Jacobs does not provide contractor services. Independent architects and contractors hired by the client are an integral part of the process. Whether you utilize our recommendations or ultimately select your own contractors, clients pay all contractor fees directly.


Retail” refers to ready-made items that are available to mass market consumers via brick & mortar stores, specialty boutiques, or online shops. These items are made to general specifications and tend to be limited in color, size & scale—meaning we can only pick from what’s available. Custom items are made-to-order (bespoke) and do not exist until we create them—the only limit is your imagination! Custom drapery & textiles are a common practice in design as these items are specifically selected for your project & are tailored to the exact specifications of your space. Custom items often include handmade details that cannot be duplicated by similar retail options. When the budget allows it is always our preference to install custom drapery for a made-to-order look. Similar to custom clothing, custom finishes are tailor-made to accentuate the unique details of your space.

MY PREVIOUS DESIGNER DID THINGS DIFFERENTLY—CAN YOU DO IT THE SAME WAY? Every designer takes a specific approach to bringing her/his ideas to life & as such, all designers work a bit differently. From the creation of your custom design plan to the ordering process, design fees & product markups, there’s no one size fits all model within the design industry. The process we’ve outlined is what we’ve found has worked best over the years, based on our specific methods. Because the relationship between designer & client is so personal, we definitely recommend that you thoughtfully select a designer who best meets your needs & personality type. We want you to love the fresh perspective we bring to the table—not hire us just to be a “fill-in” for your old design team!


The cost of your project will ultimately depend on your needs, desires & level of aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a ton of custom detailing, a budget-friendly retail makeover or a mix of the two—we’ll work with you to figure out the best approach. That being said, it’s incredibly important that you honestly assess what you want to invest in your project & accurately communicate your budget to Monica Jacobs Interiors. Because your design fees are based on the amount of hours needed to complete your project, constant changes to the budget can result in increased design hours & unnecessary expenses for you--which neither of us want! Monica Jacobs Interiors never purchases items on credit for clients, which means that you’ll will always be informed of purchased and sign off on items before it’s ordered.


Your final completion date ultimately depends on the scope of your project, the speed of your approvals & the availability of items that have been sourced to complete your design plan. If we are sourcing through a local retailer, the process can usually go faster due to the increase of product availability. Custom orders take longer to fulliful. The initial design presentation is generally scheduled for 2-4 weeks after your retainer has been processed which gives us time to scour our resources to create the best design plan possible. Keep in mind that your designer is just one point of contact so product backorders, contractor scheduling delays & manufacturer shipping delays can happen and we do our best to manage our end of your project. Occasionally there are delays caused by weather, vendor vacations, factory errors, and other unpredictable influences, that are out of our control.

Everyone involved (designer, client, vendors and contractors) is expected to not cause unreasonable delays in the project.